Gostaresh khoshkbar khavarmianeh

Gostaresh Khoshkbar Middle East Company established at Naein Industrial Town in 2017 in order to enhance the quality and make the healthy diversity in food industry , especially dried fruits such as pistachio , almond , peanut and hazelnut .
This company using air conditioner facilities in full isolated environment intends to provide a sanitized place to control the pest and supply the best products to the customers using the scientific and practical separation of products and removing the poor quality raw materials , to guarantee the health of society and consumers .
Up to dating European and USA technologies help this company to produce high quality products with high nutrient value , so that contribute the health and happiness of society .
Purposes :
Purpose of this company is to enhance the quality of dried fruits in country and abroad , to improve the food health using modern technology and experienced labor .

MohammadAli Ahmadifar

CEO and Chairman of the Board

Objectives: To improve the quality level of dried fruit products at domestic and foreign levels, to improve food health in this field by using the latest technologies in the world and by using specialized and skilled personnel.

Some of our products

Fandoghi Pistachio

The figure of this kind of pistachio is different to other kinds and is smaller than others , so it


Pistachio nuts

Pistachio kernel is one of the pistachio derivatives used in the food and confectionery industry, although in



Cashew is beneficial for prevention of gallstone , health of bones , prevention of overweight and cardiovascular health . This


Mamaei Almond

Mamaei Almond is a nut with high resistance against pets and herbal diseases . This kind of almond is delicious